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Midway Airport by David E. KentThe Arcadia Publishing book Images of Aviation: Midway Airport is a time machine that takes you back to the infancy of American aviation, and to the days when Chicago longed to be first in air travel and transportation, just as it was with rail and water commerce.

Midway Airport is full of nostalgia, pictures with captions that bring the Midway of long ago back to life with stories and personal accounts that you've never heard or read before:

Stories about a square mile of land nine miles southwest of the Chicago Loop that became Chicago's municipal airfield, and changed the destiny of a city and an entire fledgling industry. Until Chicago O'Hare International Airport took over in 1961 as World's Busiest Airport, Midway held that title.

The story of Midway Airport is about the city that vaults itself onto the front page of history as the king of transportation during a time when the fledgling aviation industry was full of excitement, romance, allure and risk and flying was almost the exclusive domain of the daring, the wealthy, the business and the military.

The Midway Airport North TerminalUntil the postwar 1940s, when the competitive, young airline industry
began offering coast-to-coast air travel at affordable rates, that is.

In the 1950s, with the Depression and war long over, the salad days of America were here. And with them came a household name, Chicago Midway Airport, the World's Busiest Airport, also known as the Crossroads of the World.

In aviation's early days, enterprising people such as Charles "Pop" Dickinson opened airfields. Prolific fliers like Emil "Matty" Laird and Benny Howard designed, built and raced amazingly quick aircraft, and aviators won big money at air meets. The airlines, organized originally to fly airmail, had begun taking on passengers. The rest is history, and it's recorded in Arcadia Publishing's Images of Aviation: Midway Airport.

A scene from The World's Busiest Airport, 1950sMidway Airport also contains images and facts from the Midway Historians,
 of which author David E. Kent is a founding member. It captures the ethos and thrill of the Midway experience during a time when people dressed up for air travel or to just visit the airport, dine at the Cloud Room, and gaze from Midway’s observation platforms at the incredible aerial ballet before them.

It was a magical time, when flying off into the clouds in beautiful silver airliners The Enchantment and Romance of Air Travel in the 1950smeant traveling in style and following aviation’s romantic call. Today, Midway Airport remains a roaring, rumbling, bustling center of air transportation and is known as the busiest square mile in the world. 

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